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E - kullet

Mor: King of Helluland Wild Flower

Far: Skippr's Once Again

Født: 23.07.2010

1 Hanne

Zojoma's Evening Star 4u2

6 tisper

Zojoma's Easy to Love 4u2

Zojoma's Exit Skipper's Once Again 4u2

Zojoma's Estrella de Wild Flower 4u2

Zojoma's Esperanza 4u2

Zojoma's Extravagant Elegance 4u2

Zojoma's Edith Piaf 4u2

At Kennel Zojoma, we do more than provide pet care - we care about your pet just as we care about our own. Not only are we animal lovers, but we also have the experience to provide the highest quality of services.

Litter E: Welcome
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